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a live action queer horror short film


Ellie, a devout Mormon, often stares at her reflection, imagining what she would look like if she were “different.” From the corner of her eye lurks a pioneer doll.

The doll seems to be watching her—in the mirror, or at her bedside, while she prays. Soon the ragdoll appears in her very reflection, terrifying Ellie with its pale, faceless head. Ellie can no longer bear to look at herself.

Haunted by the ever-present doll, Ellie contemplates self-harm to cope with internal and external dread. When her mother discovers this she arranges a meeting with the bishop—yet even in the church, the ragdoll finds its way into her mind. Ellie realizes she can never outrun her fear.

The only thing to be done: confront the ragdoll directly. But Ellie discovers the ragdoll is no mere possessed toy. It is something far more familiar, something that has haunted her for years, and ultimately leaves Ellie with a choice. It’s up to her to choose the light within… or the darkness waiting at the altar.


The Team


Benjamin Bates

Benjamin is a screenwriter, animator and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. He is currently a student at Seattle Film Institute pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Filmmaking & Producing, with a focus in animation.


Sophia Kenny
Asst Director | Producer

Sophia Kenny is a writer, director and producer located in the greater Seattle. When she’s not working on set or hunched over her computer writing and creating playlists for her next project, she can be found curled up with a good fantasy book or perusing local stores for knickknacks.

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Yutaka Hager
Director | Producer

Yutaka is an independent filmmaker based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the owner and executive producer at Prism Frame Media. He is currently a student at Seattle Film Institute pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Filmmaking & Producing.

Cursed Attic


Tone & Style

Ragdoll will emit the visual sensation of feeling cold in a warm place, thematically imbuing Ellie in a world that just doesn't sit quite right.

The production design will be gothic, conservative, and constrained, fully embodying a home where Ellie is suffocating.

Ellie delves deep into her psychosis, where she feels entirely alone. Yet in that moment she will finally feel like someone else sees her.


Hereditary (2018), The Handmaid's Tale (2017-), and Annihilation (2018). Courtesy of A24, MGM Television, and Paramount Pictures, respectively.



February - April 2023



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